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Code of ethics

Luc Themelin, Chief Executive Officer

We owe our development, to a great extent, to the trust and confidence that Mersen inspires in all its stakeholders -our employees, customers, suppliers, investors, banks and shareholders.

Luc Themelin
Chief Executive Officer

This Code of Ethics restates our commitment as a Group and as individuals to instilling and building on this confidence. It is crucial that this Code of Ethics is shared as widely as possible, so that everybody embraces our fundamental values: Excellence, Collaboration, People conscious, Agility & Entrepreneurial Spirit and Partnering with our Customers.

These values are critical to our development as a group. The Code of Ethics applies to each and every Mersen employee, irrespective of their position, as well as to its directors and corporate officers. I am counting on each of you to abide by these rules and to bring them to the attention of our commercial partners, particularly our suppliers and intermediaries, such that they also undertake to implement them.

Code of Ethics


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