Transit & Metro

Current Collector Devices (CCD)

Current collector devices are used by metro systems to collect the energy from a third rail to power the Electrical Multiple Unit installed in the trailers. 

3rd rail current collector system

Our comprehensive range of CCDs for metro systems is designed for all kind of configurations: 

  • Regular steel wheel metro trains
  • Pneumatic wheel metro trains
  • Monorail train
  • Driverless metro trains 

3rd rail current collector shoe (CCD shoe)

Mersen provides third rail shoes manufactured from carbon and metalized carbon materials:

  • Specific designs (with metal end pieces, soldered, cast, EcoDesign)
  • Plain carbon and metal impregnated grades
  • Redesign, engineering, standardization

Mersen's EcoDesign 3rd rail shoe was awarded the Innovation Trophy at the SIFER 2013 railway show.

Pantograph strip

Mersen offers a variety of carbon and metalized carbon collector strips for overhead pantograph applications. Our extensive material grade selection and carbon and metal carrier designs include:

  • Bonded / Soldered / Kasperowski high current / ADD system 
  • Integral end horn
  • Plain carbon grade / Metal impregnated grade
  • Innovative grades for High Intensity applications

Our products are EN50405 (CENELEC) or DIN6701-2 certified.

The Group also offers advice, technical services and solutions on Redesign, engineering, and standardization.


Carbon brushes and brush-holders

Mersen’s carbon brushes are used all over the world. We supply brush-holders for traction motors, auxiliary motors, generators and earth return current units etc. The Group also offers re-engineered design, repair and refurbishment consulting and solutions.

Earth Return Current Unit (ERCU)

Mersen devices are used to protect train bearings, offering low contact resistance and allowing for permanent contact. The Group also offers specific designs and selected materials to meet client needs.

Power conversion

Power management solutions are used to convert and manage high power DC or AC signals.

Electrical protection

  • Overcurrent protection solutions to protect power modules and semiconductor devices.

Thermal management

  • Heat sink and cooling equipment to carefully handle power losses during conversion operations in the semiconductors.

Laminated bus bar

  • Conductor solutions for quality power distribution (laminated bus bar).


Mersen services include:

  • In-situ machining of traction motor commutator for underground and metro systems
  • Technical expertise
  • Diagnostics and re-engineering
  • Training