Acid dilution system

acid dilution system Mersen

Corrosion resistant equipment for sulphuric acid dilution and concentration

Acid dilution process

The concentrated acid and dilution water are mixed under pressure in a static mixer provided by an ARMYLOR® dilution tee pipe connected to the concentrated acid and dilution water feeds.

  • The dilution of acid in water generates considerable heat.
  • The hot corrosive mixture then flows through a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger of GRAPHILOR® impregnated graphite.
  • On the shell side, this heat exchanger is fed with cooling water which removes the heat and cools the diluted acid to the desired temperature.

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Acid dilution and concentration

Key features:

  • Process Equipment manufactured in corrosion resistant material such as Graphilor®3 or Armylor®
  • Skid-mounted system
  • Instrumentation
  • Engineering documentation

Customer benefits:

  • Cost-efficient design
  • Experienced partner
  • Optimal material selection and reliable operation
  • Fast delivery and commissioning

Material expertise:

  • Graphilor® 3 is the only impregnated graphite resulting from the combination between isostatic graphite and a specific resin.
  • Armylor® PTFE is Mersen material made from PTFE or PFA.