Other systems

bromine acid synthesis Mersen

Mersen designs other systems including hydrobromic acid synthesis units.

Mersen has been manufacturing engineered systems for well over 50 years.

Its large engineered systems experience includes:

  • Heating and cooling packages for pickling baths
  • Vacuum systems for corrosive applications
  • Quench systems
  • Other evaporation systems for a multitude of other corrosives

    anticorrosive equipment for bromine acid synthesis

    Key features:

    • Large innovative material portfolio: reactive metals, metals, Graphilor® 3, Armylor®
    • Our specialized equipment: heat exchangers, columns, reactors, vessels, bursting discs, piping

    Customer benefits:

    • Worldwide presence with 4 workshops on 3 continents
    • Experienced partner
    • Ready-to-use solution with skid-mounted option
    • 10 local repair shops with technical sales and service expertise

    Material expertise

    • Graphilor® 3 is the only impregnated graphite resulting from the combination between isostatic graphite and a specific resin.  
    • Armylor® PTFE is Mersen material made from PTFE or PFA.