Electrical discharge machining - EDM

Mersen, with its rich experience in its field has developed a complete range of graphite grades aiming to answer to the widest range of elec­trode designs from roughing to high end finishing. Mersen’s global  brand ELLOR® gives a complete range of isostatic grades, from universal to micro-grain graphite dedicated to Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

The selection of the right graphite grades will depend on numerous factors and the 4 key factors that largely impact your selection are : wear resistance, metal removal rate, surface finish and machinability. Together with the support of our application engineers, you will be able to select the right grade for your project. We say, its all about the right balance!

ELLOR®   is available to our customers both in the form of machined electrodes as well as blocks.We believe,our technical data sheets for each of our EDM grades that you will find here will be convincing to you.

6 grades

ellor 18 grade mersen

ELLOR® +18

A medium density graphite for semi-finishing and roughing operations in the least amount of time and at minimum cost.

ellor 20 mersen


A graphite for both roughing and finishing operations. Ideal for manufacturing plastic moulds.

ellor 25 mersen


The greater density of this grade provides a better surface finish and its mechanical properties enhance the service life of electrodes. A graphite for universal use.

ellor 40 mersen

ELLOR®+30 +40

The surface finish is better and electrode wear is always the lowest.

ellor 50 mersen

ELLOR® +50

The very fine structure of these materials associated with their high density allows them to produce very precise machining details and a remarkable surface finish, whilst reducing electrode wear.


The very fine micro-grain structure of this graphite offers unequaled precision and performance.