Mirrors and stable structures

Boostec® Silicon Carbide -Sic- for Space optical instrumentation

Boostec® SiC provides an ideal solution for instruments requiring exceptional thermomechanical stability. Using Boostec® technology, whole instruments can be made in SiC: structure and detector supports as well as the mirrors themselves.

The optical face of the mirrors can receive a SiC CVD coating to produce a completely non-porous surface, for a flawless polishable finish.


    19 full-SiC telescopes operated in space and 10 others being integrated or tested

    • SPACE LIDARS for Earth Atmosphere Observation: Aladin Aeolus & Atlid Earth Care
    • METOP-SG-A for Meteorology: IASI-NG & METimage derotator
    • MICROCARB for CO2 flux monitoring
    • Institutional MULTI SPECTRAL IMAGERY: Sentinel-2, Pleiades & CSO FPs
    • NAOMI TELESCOPES: Export and Airbus DS Intelligence
    • OTHER EARTH IMAGERY at Export: Formosat-2, Theos-1, GOCI-1 and -2
    • OSIRIS ROSETTA Narrow Angle Camera
    • EUCLID: Main telescope, VIS and NISP instruments