Brush-holders for DC motors

Mersen brush-holders for DC motors

Mersen is the preferred supplier of electrical motor manufacturers.

For DC motors, we offer a wide range of brush-holders (metric and imperial systems) as well as dedicated services (refurbishing, re-design, brush-holders replacement, components replacement).

DC motors brush-holders: characteristics

  • Robust
  • Molded or machined
  • Pressure systems (wound or coil springs)
  • Single or multiple box
  • Insulating studs
  • Brush-holder attachment arm
  • Brush-holder and rocker ring


  • 3 manufacturing plants on 3 continents
  • Selected materials (non-ferrous alloys, anti-corrosion...)
  • Customized designs
  • High quality solutions
  • Cutting-edge equipment and software (CNC machines, binding machines…)
  • Die casting
  • EDM machining
  • High-precision checking instruments (three dimensional CMM…)
  • International standards (ISO 9001, IEC, NEMA, DIN)

DC motors: applications

  • Electric and Diesel Electric Locomotives (traction motors)
  • Subways (traction motors)
  • Streetcars (traction motors)
  • Trolleybuses (traction motors)
  • Oil & gas (drilling, lifting, pump and anchor motors)
  • Mining (draglines, shovels, wheel motors for front loaders and trucks, conveyors)
  • Paper plants (paper machines, winders)
  • Metallurgy (rolling mills, winders, wire drawing machines, extruders, winding machine)
  • Cement plants (furnace motors, ventilators, ground or aerial conveyors)
  • Plastic Industry (extruders)
  • Aerospace (auxiliary motors)
  • Forklifts (lifting motors, traction motors)
  • Elevators (lifting motors)
  • Ports & marine (lifting motors for cranes and gantry cranes, propulsion motors, onboard motors)