Carbon brushes for generators & alternators

Generator, turbogenerator and alternator carbon brushes

Mersen offers a wide range of carbon brushes for generators and alternators.  

  • For turbogenerators, our LFC brush grades are internationally renowned, especially LFC 554 grades.
  • For wind mills, CG626 grades are known throughout the world.

These soft graphite grades are prepared from graphite powders (natural purified or artificial) agglomerated with appropriate binders to give them good resistance to shocks and mechanical vibrations.

Generators & alternators carbon brushes: characteristics

  • Specific designs
  • Selected materials
  • High quality tamping
  • Optimized cable dimensions
  • Good mechanical stability
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High transient current density
  • Wide speed range (15 to 55 m/s)
  • Brush wear indicator systems

Generator and alternator: applications

  • Diesel Electric Locomotives
  • Chemical Industry (alternators)
  • Aerospace (generators and alternators)
  • Ports & marine
  • Conventional thermal power (turbo-generators)
  • Wind mills (generators)
  • Hydro-electric plants (generators)