Specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals manufacturing

The specialty chemicals industry synthesizes a very diverse range of products, from paints and flavorings to agrochemicals (plant health products).

Process equipment

Specialty chemicals are produced in high value-added product batches, requiring corrosion resistant reactors, overhead condensers and pipework. 

Reactor vessels

Specialty chemicals are produced in small high-value-added batches in a reaction vessel. Synthesis reactions may be produced in a severely corrosive environment requiring reactive metals reactors.

Heat exchangers

Depending on the nature of the chemistry, our heat exchangers are manufactured from a diverse range of corrosion resistant materials: 

  • Graphite, 
  • Silicon Carbide, 
  • Tantalum, 
  • Zirconium
  • and Nickel Alloys. 

We offer heat exchangers based on both tubular and block designs depending on the customers requirements.

PTFE-lined pipes and columns

Armylor PTFE lined pipework for any specialty chemicals production sites.