Phosphoric acid

Process equipment for the Phosphoric acid - H3PO4

Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) is mainly use in the production of fertilizers. Mersen provides corrosion-resistant process equipment which are part of the pre-treatment (concentration) and post-treatment (defluoration) of the wet phosphoric acid production. 

Phosphoric Acid Concentration - pre-treatment

Graphite heat-exchangers

The graphite shell and tubes heat exchangers are key components of the concentration of the wet phosphoric acid. Mersen has provided the largest units for the biggest green field phosphoric acid projects in the world.

A part from S&T technology, Mersen has a long experience on concentration units running with Polybloc graphite block heat exchangers.

6 meters length tubes without any joint

Mersen six meters length tubes without any joint Polytube® is extremely resistant, deliver longer periods between maintenance than other exchangers on the market with joint assembly.

Increase abrasion resistance & lifetime

Rigilor is a coating applied on large graphite blocs or tube sheets to increase the mechanical and the abrasion resistances.

Phosphoric acid defluoration - Post-treatment after purification

Graphilor columns

Mersen Graphilor columns are manufactured with Graphilor, the exclusive impregnated graphite developed by Mersen to cope with the corrosion environment.

Armylor PTFE Columns

Armylor PTFE loose lined columns combine the corrosion resistance of the PTFE and the safety of the seamless lining process together with the mechanical resistance of the steel shell.

Sulfuric acid process

Mersen provides gaz-gaz shell and tubes heat exchangers in nickel alloys.


Mersen manufactures metallic heat exchanger such as Economiser shell and tubes heat exchangers.