Flexible graphite

Graphite foil made from expanded graphite with applications in high temperature gasket

Flexible graphite is made from natural graphite flakes.

Following chemical preparation with acids and oxidizing agents, the natural graphite is expanded by a violent heat treatment procedure. Self-bonded by a rolling operation, the expanded graphite particles form a continuous strip, without the addition of a binder.

 ⇒ A flexible, low-density material is thus obtained in the form of rolled sheets of graphite.

A material with remarkable properties, ideal for sealing and gasket applications:

Flexible graphite has numerous remarkable properties making it a choice material for sealing applications.

  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents.
  • No material alteration over time.
  • A very wide temperature range without property alteration: -196 °C to 2,500 °C in an inert atmosphere, and up to 450 °C/550 °C in air.
  • Very high compressibility.
  • The material's elastic recovery, and particularly low creep within its working temperature range, guarantee a proper seal.
  • It is easy to cut, allowing it to be transformed into flat seals.

A wide range adapted to the most severe sealing specifications:

Mersen has developed a wide range of PAPYEX® grades to meet all applications and the majority of technical specifications, ranging from head gaskets for the automotive industry, to refinery flange gaskets, and valve packing for the nuclear industry.

  • PAPYEX® is available in widths ranging form 4 mm to 1,500 mm.
  • Thickness varies from 0.15 mm to 3 mm.
  • Density can be modulated from 0.7 g/cc to 1.3 g/cc.

Additional applications:

  • Heating elements in laboratory ovens owing to its fineness and easy transformation properties.
  • Thermal protection in high-temperature furnaces owing to its reflecting power.
  • Protection of rigid insulation from erosion and corrosion caused by vapours.
  • Heat distribution and dissipation of hot spots, notably during brazing operations.
  • Protection of moulds during casting operations.

Reinforced flexible graphite

reinforced flexible graphite Mersen

Reinforced flexible graphite

Mersen complete range of graphite gasket sheets, reinforced with metal inserts and covered with non stick coating

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Papyex® flexible graphite

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