Piping and accessories

Piping systems and accessories: a wide range of corrosion resistant equipment

Mersen offers a full range of piping and accessories for the handling of corrosive fluids in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Using the most reliable material and processes, Mersen's range of products resolves your corrosion problems, at whatever temperature or pressure conditions.

To serve its international customers, Mersen operates its business through European and Chinese first-class production plants.

PTFE/PFA pipe and fittings

PTFE/PFA pipe and fittings

Mersen's PTFE / PFA lined pipe and fittings are resistant to corrosion, full vacuum and high pressure during corrosive liquid handling

PTFE bellows and compensators

PTFE bellows and compensators

Mersen: carbon steel expansion bellows and flanges with a PTFE coating (Armylor® process)

PTFE manifolds and special items

PTFE manifolds and special items

Mersen's anticorrosive special items with or without antistatic coating: manifold valve, PTFE pipe, multi outlet…

PTFE/PFA special jacketed piping

PTFE/PFA special jacketed piping

Mersen's double wall pipe with PTFE coating for chemical industry: corrosion resistant tube for fluid transport

PTFE dip pipes

PTFE dip pipes

Mersen: dip pipe in carbon steel and Armylor® PTFE for columns and chemical reactors

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